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 "…his musical voice comes across as both forceful and genuine."    B.B.C. Music Magazine

"Would that more new music were craftsmanlike in such an obvious yet unassuming way."    The Guardian

"... his resolute and distinctive tone of voice and his natural feeling for clear texture and sturdy line."   Sunday Times

"Since 1962 at any rate, Hedges' style has been identifiable the workmanship thorough, the personality a whole."     Musical Times

"In this age, with its mania for categorisation, Hedges will amusedly concede the critic's obsession with music as 'light', 'serious', or 'middle of the road'. He has, he cheerfully admits, written in all three styles, besides that other category horribly known as 'educational music'. What is harder for at least some people to forgive is that he succeeds in all these departments."    Yorkshire Post

"Anthony Hedges is one of those rare composers that can float between the worlds of serious music and light music with total ease and conviction."    Music Web

Anthony Hedges Press Reviews Composer
Anthony Hedges Composer
.A contemporary creative artist

Symphony no.1     
"It is a real symphony with organic and imaginative development of the thematic material. ...There is also a steadily increasing emotional drive. ... In the finale the threads are drawn together with a sure and economical hand. This is both the structural and emotional culmination of a work that should be heard again."   Daily Telegraph

In such a night     
"I was all set to comment on how unfair it was to pair his new quartet with one by Shostakovich when, in the event ... the new Hedges piece was by no means outshone."    Yorkshire Post

Flute Trio no.2     
"Hedges' music ... is very much of this century and its command of form, its rich textures. its 'rightness' for the instruments employed are undeniable."     Yorkshire Post

Three Explorations"
…representative of his best work in its sense of romanticism deliberately constrained by means of formal concision. The second movement is an extremely fine piece of composition in its seemingly improvised compression and the finale is full of triumphant drive."     Music Web

Variations on a theme of Rameau     
"The magnificent work which I have declared a potential prom-winner though written for chamber orchestra ..."   Musical Times

Ayrshire Serenade     
"…a most winningly lyrical triptych..."    Gramophone

Piano Trio     
"A bold, imaginative piece, rich in drama and  melodic appeal. No desultory quirkiness here, but a throbbing organic unity."   Daily Telegraph

Anthony Hedges, a contemporary creative artist
A score challenging and rewarding and immense fun
Anthony Hedges reviews and comments

Bridge for the Living     
"Hedges' thoughtfully crafted and approachable setting, constructed, like its subject in one impressive span."   The Guardian

Four Pieces     
"Has that indefinable quality that we call significance, so that everything from short phrases to whole structures carries a purely musical conviction, which is, I suppose, one of the hallmarks of fine music."   Musical Times

String Quartet     
"What is characteristic is the close reasoning which doesn't preclude variety and is no apparent substitute for musical impulse."    The Guardian

Variations on a Tyneside Air     
"This is an involved score, both challenging and rewarding and immense fun."    Pan

Piano Sonata no.1
"…a magnetic slow movement and a brilliantly inventive Rondo finale.."Gramophone"...lucid and logical in its thought processes and riveting as music."  Music Web

"A work 'light' in spirit perhaps, but one that can surely hold its head high in the company of some of our finest string music." Gramophone

The Hedges work is brilliant, far-seeing and forthright
stimulates and entertains
majestic and deeply moving

Psalm 104  
"It is a work which stimulates and entertains. It is majestic and deeply moving.... Little wonder that the audience gave such an ovation."Brass Band Review

The Temple of Solomon 
"The Hedges work is brilliant, far-seeing and forthright ... colourful, almost extravagantly so, yet with an economy of idea which transports it through the various sections in total character with the words."    Huddersfield Examiner

Festival Dances  
”... a very successful piece of ebullient entertainment.” Music Web

The Lamp of Liberty    
”...this work was for me the highlight of the evening...a wonderful, moving and poignant tribute to the great abolitionist.” Hull Daily Mail.

A Manchester Mass     
”....It would make a marvellous ending to a Festival concert in a church or cathedral setting.”     Tim Reynish

Three Humours   
“A new trio for clarinet, bassoon and piano is good news; that it is a really good piece is really good news. ...I would recommend it highly..”   John Orford, Double Reed Society Journal

“Anthony Hedges has something worthwhile to say and ample technique to convey his meaning with the utmost effectiveness. His new piece was very warmly received....A contemporary creative artist capable of producing a score of this quality that connects directly with listeners is exceptional.”  Paul Conway, Musical Opinion Quarterly

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